Remotly monitor your deskless operations like never before


The Stratosfy deskless operations platform

Stratosfy’s deskless operations platform combines the power of mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud-native computing to drive efficiency in the daily routines of operations managers, thereby driving profitability and growth.

Stratosfy’s platform improves the efficiency of operations managers by reducing operation cycles spent in continuous monitoring of deskless workforce operations.


Save time and money through real-time visibility

Know the “who, where, when and what ” of your team, reducing the need for in-person supervision and manually inputting data into paper forms, thereby saving time and money for your business. Having real-time visibility into how well your business provides services to your clients allows you to take care of any issues before they become problems or complaints. This is key to retaining customers.

Instantly Identify and Respond to incidents

Monitor all business activity supported by the platform in real-time via Stratosfy’s visual dashboards; reporting is by exception – the platform immediately raises any deviation from the expected move.

The platform can raise incidents corresponding to unexpected behavior of assets or problems in performing scheduled service activity before they become significant problems, enabling operational leaders to take corrective action immediately. As a result, this platform's capability mitigates the risk of lost productivity and efficiency in business operations.


Operational Transparency to your customers

The platform gives the ability for businesses to deploy sensors across their business locations. The platform can trigger content and workflows at the right time and place by using location data, sensor data, and other inputs.

Businesses can abide by meaningful Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that genuinely reflect operational realities – with the ability to request adjustments as circumstances change.

Accuracy in reporting

Stratosfy's connected intelligence platform minimizes misreporting and ensures that operational processes fully comply with regulatory requirements while drastically reducing the time and effort of investigating and verifying claims.

The platform uses sensors to generate a complete digital record of all supported activity across a business location. For example, users can upload a photograph, an invoice, or detailed remarks to the system. Stratosfy also eliminates misreporting of activity by ensuring that claimed activity matches the reality of work carried out.


Stratosfy deskless operations platform Components

Why Choose our platform?

Everything to empower your managers with improved efficiency in deskless workforce operations

Proven Turnkey Solutions

We built the company’s turnkey solutions - Marker and Tempgenie on the same platform. 

Multi-business support

 Whether you run a single business or multiple businesses, the platform can aggregate the intelligence for you.

Robust device family

Device family built out of rigorous R&D and tightly integrated with the platform to ensure they empower your business objectives.

API & mobile SDK support

API and mobile SDKs to augment the platform to your existing systems

Containerized Microservices

Functionalities built into microservices and packaged into containers make the platform scalable to suit your business needs.

Secure business data access

 All your business data is stored in the most secure and highly resilient manner. Access to your data is controlled according to the user’s role in your business

Actionable alerts and incidents

provide instant visibility into core business activities and exceptions through alerts (SMS/Email/Push notifications) and incidents

Business intelligence reports

 Provide the most accurate reports with the proper amalgamation of data generated through devices and users

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