Curiosity, experimentation, and research are in our DNA

Our Story

Who We are

We are a team of innovators, makers, and enthusiasts who are passionate about what we do. Curiosity, experimentation, and research are in our DNA and we are working on revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Incredible True Short Facts About Our Business

  1. 2018
    CEO Madan Kanala discovers the need for a connected intelligence platform for underserved markets such as snow clearance and starts operations at a basement with a small team in late 2018. The company began with the name “SnowM Incorporated.” 
  2. 2019_0

    The company raises a pre-seed investment of CAD 600K and launches an early version of the Marker solution.  The company acquires early customers and deploys the marker product in 150 square Km in Ottawa, Canada.

  3. 2020_1

    The company rebrands itself to "Stratosfy." The Marker product goes to the Commercial cleaning market—successful pilots with significant customers such as Janiking of Ottawa. Marker solution gets deployed at 102 locations in Canada's Ontario and Quebec provinces. Company Starts generating revenue through MRR based business model. Builds an early prototype of the tempgenie product and starts working with pilot customers.

  4. 2021_0

    Company architects Stratosfy Connected Intelligence Platform with time-to-market, scalability, integration with existing systems as crucial business objectives. The team builds an API-first, Microservices-based connected intelligence platform by aggregating marker and tempgenie solutions into a single platform with the knowledge gained from early customers. The company starts working with major players in the QSR market segment. Multiple devices that the company built become FCC& IC certified.