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The Stratosfy Deskless Operations platform

Stratosfy empowers deskless workforce leaders to run IoT data-driven operations that assure service delivery, ensure compliance, and reduce operations costs.

“Save time, money, and enhance your deskless operations.”

How it works

8:30 AM
Reported a problem that soap in dispenser at 3rd floor washroom of Rino LRT station is empty
10:00 AM
Reported a problem from HVAC room of DNDO building
Can't access the equipment cabin for cleaning
  John Doe
Nathan started inspection at elevator area of 356 Gentry Building
11:16 AM
Started serving lobby or terrapark building
11:01 AM
Started inspection at elevator area of 356 Gentry Building
High temperature
10:14 PM
Walk-in Freezer at Tim Hortons Merivale Road is at -2° C, above its operating range of -20° C to -5° C.
Incident Assigned
08:07 PM
Display Cooler at Josh restaurant is out of operating range. Therefore, this incident is assigned to you now.
Defrost Cycle Start
9:54 AM
Single-door refrigerator at the indie store is in the defrost cycle.
Low Temperature
9:35 AM
Walk-in Cooler at Quesada Burritos Stittsville is at -0.2° C, below its operating range of 1° C to 7° C.
Repair cost update
11:01 AM
Problem with the walk-in cooler at Donald street restaurant is resolved now. Repair cost to fix malfunctioning is $350. The total repair cost spent on this equipment so far is $2850.

How it works

An Integrated platform to empower your deskless workforce leaders with remote operations monitoring.


Service Delivery

In business operations where service assurance determines the profitability and brand reputation, our connected intelligence platform provides the following benefits through wireless sensors, cloud-native microservices, APIs, mobile and web applications:

Provide an accurate proof-of-service for each micro-location of your client’s locations.
Know the “who, where, when, and what ” of your service delivery in real-time and reduce the need for in-person supervision.
Ensure your workforce does not miss any tasks as part of service delivery, thereby taking your quality control and brand reputation to the next level.

Stratosfy enables commercial cleaning businesses to provide service assurance through its turnkey solution - Stratosfy Marker.


Asset Operations

In business operations where temperature monitoring directly impacts operating expenses and customer experience, our connected intelligence platform provides the following benefits through wireless sensors, gateways, cloud-based microservices, mobile, and web applications:

Eliminate missed and error-prone manual temperature readings with 24/7 automated monitoring of all your refrigeration equipment.
Avoid unexpected inventory loss and costly product spoilage with real-time notifications and actionable incidents.
Keep an eye on equipment repair costs due to temperature anomalies.

Stratosfy empowers food services businesses to automate temperature monitoring of their equipment, thereby the food inventory through its Stratosfy Tempgenie solution.

Service assured
Cleaning Shifts
Saved in-person supervision hours through
Real-time Notifications
asset condition measurements

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